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I work at the Institute of Theoretical & Computational Linguistics, at Faculty of Arts, Charles University as a researcher since 1990. Before I worked at the Institute for Computing Machinery (VÚMS) in Prague. At the faculty, I do not only the research but I also teach and work as a system administrator.

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Skoumalová Hana:
"Extracting Dictionaries from Parallel Corpora". In: Proceedings of The Third Baltic Conference on Human Language Technologies, Vytautas Magnus University, 2008, pp. 297-301, ISBN 978-9955-704-53-9.

Skoumalová Hana:
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Skoumalová Hana:
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Skoumalova Hana:
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Skoumalová Hana:
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Skoumalova Hana:
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Skoumalova Hana:
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Skoumalova Hana:
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Skoumalova Hana:
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Skoumalova Hana:
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Heggie Lorie and Ordóñez Francisco:
Clitic and Affix Combinations, LinguistList, http://linguistlist.org/issues/16/16-3131.html, 2005.


Cat stories (in Czech):
Cat stories (in Czech):

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