Positional morphological tags

On this page, you will find a small application that helps you to understand the system of positional tags.


How to use it

If you want to learn more about the positional morphological tags, check the page of IFAL, and especially the section dealing with morphology, or the pages of ICNC, and the section Popis morfologických značek.

The program doesn't handle all details - it is possible to introduce non-existent combinations of values, but our priority is that possible combinations are not ruled out.

If you find an error (a possible combination can't be entered; the menu on certain position becomes empty) write me to the address hana.skoumalova@ff.cuni.cz and describe the sequence of values that you entered.

(It works in Seamonkey, Firefox, and tolerably in Konqueror, Opera and IE7. In other versions of IE, it can be corrupted or not working at all, but I am not going to fix it, and hence don't notify me about this kind of errors.)